What Hair Care One Should Follow During Summer

25 March 2021

You have to take a lot of care of your hair and you should also set up a hair care routine for summer as harmful UV rays of the sun along with dry and dusty atmosphere can damage not only your skin but your hair too. Here we know how important it is to protect your hair from severe damage and it is also necessary to save it from the dust particles and sunlight. The right was as they need to be professionally protected similarly, as nobody likes dry, tangible and oily hair. While going out just cover up your hair with a cap or something, therefore it will protect your hair from the ultimate dust particle and from the ultraviolet rays that can severely damage your hair and at some point you may lose its shine. Therefore it is strictly recommended that cover up your hair with a scarf or a cap just to protect. And yet do not wash out your hair too often because while doing it may just reduce the amount of oil content that is essential for healthy hair.

Yes we know that summer heat is just unbearable but according to the experts it’s okay to cut down the number of hair washes as at the end up making your hair more a frizzy, strong and tangible rather than is a bad condition.

You should always avoid blow drying or styling on your hair because this ultimately damages your hair and also the damage part is unable to repair itself. Many of the baldness cases arise due to excessive use of blow dryer or heat styling. Conditioning your hair may be right option to stabilize the shining of hair and makes it stronger and the most perfect way of conditioning is a mixture of honey and olive just apply it on your hair as your hair from roots to tips then cover your hair with a shower cap and dry it with a blow dryer but remember keep it at the slow pace for sometimes and let it settle down for 20-30 minutes and then wash it with cool water and make sure the your hair is clean. There you will be able to see the effective results.