Laser tattoo removal in Lucknow

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Removal of Tattoo

Q switch laser 532/1064 is considered gold standard for renewed of Nevus/Birth Marks. It requires a few number of sittings to get the required result. Results are excellent.

Removal of Birthmarks

Q-switch Laser

Most pigmentary skin lesion whether epidermal & dermal acquired congenital can be treated with Q-switch lasers. In this technique we directly give beams to the pigmented lesions to achieve the desired clinical results without much damage to the surrounding area. It is also painless procedure which require a nuumber of session for the best result to achieve. It can be used to cases

  • 1) Nevus of Ota
  • 2) Cafe spot
  • 3) Age pigment
  • 4) Freckles
  • 5) Birth Marks
  • 6) Tattoo removal of the body
  • 7) Melasma
  • 8) Skin rejuvenation

It has a long lasting effect, gives natural look without causing any allergic reactions & no side effects.