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He is incharge of the Hospital has an experience of 53 years of clinical practice. He is one of the oldest dermatologists of the country. He has received a number of prestigious medals, awards, citation and has delivered many orations. He is the author of a number of reserch paper published in International and Indian journals of repute. He is a graduate and post graduate from K.G. Medical College Lucknow.

He is a member/fellow of 20 scientific & academic organizations including Academy of Medical Specialists and fellow of IMA College of General Practitioners. He is a National Professor and Past President of Indian Medical Association and Chief Editor of Journal of Academy of Medical Specialities. He was a Fellow of World Health Organization in Bulgaria, Finland, Poland, Sweden and USSR and has visited 56 countries for giving lectures and attending conferences.

Dr. B. N. Gupta

He retired as Scientist Incharge of Epidemiology and Dermal Toxicology Laboratory of Industrial Toxicology Research Centre- A national laboratory of CSIR. As a consultant dermatologist he is considered an authority in the field. He has significantly contributed to the treatment of leucoderma and psoriasis. He was the leader of the team of Scientists which conducted follow up studies of the population exposed to MIC at Bhopal.

Dr. Sumit Gupta

He is an expert in dermatosurgery and aesthetic surgery. He has the honour of being a member of European and American Acadmy of Dermatology, Cosmetology Society of India and has been Assistant Professor in the field of Dermatology. He has delivered a number of lectures at many dermatology and medical conferences and public places to make people aware about the problems of skin, hair and nails and organized a number of workshops of dermatosurgery.

He is an expert in Laser surgery and has treated successfully a number of cases using different type of lasers which are available at the Hospital. He has produced excellent results doing aesthetic surgery on the cases attending the Hospital over the years. His charming personality and friendly counseling impresses all his patients.

Since some people prefer Homeopathic treatment for the skin ailment, the Hospital has a Homeopathic wing also heades by Dr. Avishree Gupta who is a graduate in Homeopathy, took postgraduate diploma in skin diseases to become Homeopathic skin specialist. She specializes in cosmetology also.

She specializes in the treatment of chronic skin diseases and has successfully treated a good number of cases of leucoderma and psoriasis with Homeopathic treatment.

A number of specialists of various disciplines are on regular call. Besides the specialists there are a number of paramedical staff, OT Technicians, Lab technicians, nurses, compounders and many other supporting staff who are quite efficient, courteous and diligent.

It is an unique hospital which offers a choice of Allopathic and Homeopathic treatment for skin diseases and cosmetology.

Dr. Avishree Gupta

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