Top 10 Hair fall treatment for Women

23 September 2020

The reason for hair fall can be any, it might be due to your eating habits, any disease, stress, environment etc. It’s very important to identify the cause and work accordingly for its solution. It’s always a good idea to go and visit a doctor as the cause maybe related to any health issue which again is very important to be cured by proper medication and under proper guidance.

If you want to take the matter in your own hands and get rid of hair loss here are some basic things you must try:

Shampoo and conditioners: It’s very important to choose the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair type. The intervals of shampooing are also very important as over washing can lead to dry scalps and not washing can lead to oily locks. Avoid shampoos containing sulphate, silicon and paraben as they lead to breakage of hair.

Treat your hair well: Wash and brush your hair gently. Choose wide-toothed comb to prevent pulling of roots.Avoid combing wet hair because when wet, our hair is very fragile and prone to breakage hence combing must only be done when the hair is completely air dried.

Avoid taking hot showers: Hot showers may dehydrate hair strands as they remove all the natural oil, leaving the hair dry and brittle. One must try to wash their hair with coolest water temperatures.

Change your hairstyle habits: Avoid tightly bound styles. Choose different hairstyles and don’t stick particularly at one. Resist rubbing and twisting as it causes hair damage.

Avoid styling products : Hairstyles which needs hot rollers or straighteners must be avoided. Use of hot oil treatment, bleaching and other chemicals must also be avoided as they cause greater hair damage.

Oiling: It is a very important step in hair treatment. Oiling at least once a week gives essential nutrients and prevents from premature graying. It also prevents from drying of scalp and breakage.

Homemade hair packs: Try to use homemade hair packs as they are free from chemicals and fully natural. Few foods are very nutritious and good for hair which can be applied and they are curd, lemon, aloe vera, egg, etc. One can apply beetroot pack by just grinding beetroot leaves with henna leaves. Beetroot is rich in folate, manganese and all the essential nutrients required for healthy hair.

Vitamin E : One can also apply Vitamin E capsules directly on their scalps and massage them for approximately 3-4 minutes.

Diet: One must feed their hair with right nutrients particularly with plenty of protein and iron. Green tea is also very useful as it is rich in antioxidants and helps in boosting hair growth. Add few nutrient rich foods in your diet like amla, spinach, carrot, guava, etc.

Manage stress : Some researchers believe that stress and hair loss have a great relation. People who are experiencing hair loss must do yoga, meditation or any physical exercise. This will enhance their circulation and will also promote regrowth of hair.