The Miracle Of Hair Transplant

13 February 2021

Today hair loss has been become a most common issue in human’s life. Hair loss or medically it is named ‘Alopecia’ can affect you just on yourscalp or entire body. It can be temporary or permanent. It can occur by heredity, or some other medical condition or it can be a normal part as getting older day by day. Hair loss is not found only in women as it is also more common in males.

 Now the question is when to consult a doctor what are the symptoms. If you are distressed with your hair loss and your child is too suffering then yes you should take an appointment now. For women who are really experiencing a receding hairline which is medically named ‘Frontal Fibrosing Alopecia’. Hence you should talk to your doctor for your early treatments and to reduce the effect that can lead to permanent baldness.

As per the studies people usually lose 50-80 hairs a day as this could not be noticeable because at the same time fresh hairs automatically grow. Problem is when new hairs don't grow this leads to hair loss or baldness. The most common reason for your hair loss can be taking stress in your life or because of poor nutrition. If above all the major factors occur. Sadly, you get total hair loss.

Still not to worry because scientifically there is a treatment ‘Hair Transplant’ yes it is possible now there will be hairs on your head. Yayyyyy! After receiving a hair transplant it will improve your look and self confidence. But there is a suitable criteria for the person suffering from baldness. It includes male with male pattern baldness, women with thin hair or a person who lost his hairs from burns and scalp injury. Usually in procedure the hairs of the back side are removed and often get transplanted to the front side or the crown section, where the bald area. The hair does not create any new hair but simply relocates the same hair that you already have to the different areas of your scalp. This is a miracle after the procedure. You have permanent hair all over your head. And ‘yes we did it’. These days surgeries are so common and also more affordable now that anyone can easily get the treatment.