10 Key factsof Best Dermatologist in Lucknow

12 Oct 2021

Every human has skin referred to as the largest organ. Skin serves as the main protective shield against the damage to your internal tissues from ultraviolet light, chemical compounds or from bacteria.

Skin is also responsible for sensory perception, production of Vitamin D, excretion of waste products, etc. But due some reason or may be because of environmental conditions a person can get a problem with skin, this can be a serious issue in future and can infect your entire body. So, for the better treatment you will consult with a dermatologist. There can be various reasons for the disease.

Disease like Acne usually occurs on the face, chest, and back depending upon the distribution of sebaceous follicles in the individual.

Here we are going to discuss about the top 10 key facts of dermatologist in Lucknow that nobody is going to tell you: (H4)

Top Dermatologist in Lucknow

  1. Being a top dermatologist in Lucknowis tough because no one has taken more training then them to address the concern with skin, scalp, hair or nails.

Well-experienced with Medical degree

  1. Before a doctor can start his/her practice, they must receive more than a decade of training including their four years of degree programs then again four years of medical school to become a medical doctor. Year of long internship, three years of residency or working with the experienced doctor completing more than 16000 hours of treating a patient.

Dermatologist in Lucknow are board certified 

  1. After completing a residency trainingin dermatology, a doctor can become board-certified, again he must give an exam on the knowledge and skills which he has taken from years of training.

Practice through clinics as wells as training programs

  1. After being a board-certified dermatologist, a doctor can start practicing in his own clinic but some of the doctors continue their training to learn more and get one of the specialties in dermatology like Dermato-pathology, Mohs surgery, Paediatric dermatology.

Dermatology and pathology 

  1. Dermatopathologistis a doctor who specializes in both dermatology and pathology. The doctor examines the biopsied skin and provides your dermatologist with the clear reports. Severe diseases like skin cancer can be only diagnosed by dermatopathologists.

Mohs Surgery for Skin Treatment 

  1. Mohs Surgeonis a dermatologist who gives treatment to skin cancer patients. Mohs surgery involves removing the piece of skin from your body and then examines each section with a microscope.

Paediatric Dermatology

  1. Paediatric dermatologistis specialized in treating children including infants. If the child is having a problem related to skin, scalp, hair, or nails you can simply consult a paediatric dermatologist.
  2. Although all dermatologists treat children but in case of severe problems related to skin you can directly refer to paediatric dermatologists.

 PUVA treatment

  1. Dermatologist doctors use PUVA (Psoralen Combined with ultraviolet A radiation) treatments like Ultraviolet light therapy, A range of dermatologic surgical procedures.


  1. Sometimes the expert dermatologist in Lucknow also perform treatments like cosmetic procedures such as chemical peels, called Sclerotherapy.  


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