Skin treatment for women hairloss

26 September 2020

In our society, hair plays a role of great importance both socially and culturally. Hair loss can be due to many conditions, diseases or due to improper care. If you are experiencing excessive hair loss, you must visit a dermatologist or a physician.

Dermatologists and physicians will evaluate the problem properly by asking questions that might be related to the cause. These questions may include about diet, medications, family history of hair loss, family history of any disease, recent health problems and hair care habits. Hair loss due to hormonal problems can be identified by evaluating women menstrual cycle, pregnancies and menopause. Sometimes dermatologists or physicians may also recommend blood tests and hair scalp biopsy in order to get the deep knowledge of the problem. To get proper medication, it’s important to find the right cause. Sometimes wrong medicines can lead togreater damage.

Some common hair loss treatments are:

• Supplements: Some people intake supplements which might help in hair growth. It sounds like an easy solution but getting too many supplements can also cause more damage and can worsen the problem. Only eating supplements is not enough, you must also ensure that you are taking right set of nutrients which are required for healthy hair. You must always keep it in mind that supplements can do more harm than good. Studies show that too much intake of nutrients like - Vitamin A, Vitamin E, etc, can also be linked to hair loss.

• Taking corticosteroids: Alopecia areatacan be caused at any age. It’s important to get it diagnose as soon as you notice the signs. For children below 10 years, dermatologists suggest corticosteroids to be applied on bald spots, this can help in regrowth of hair. It has to be applied once or twice a day. Incase of patients above 10 years, Injections of corticosteroids must be administered at bald spots. Generally, these injections are given in every 4 to 8 weeks. Apart from this, one is also advised to apply corticosteroids and anthralin on the bald spots.

• Microneedling: It is a process in which hundreds of tiny needles are used to stimulate the hair growth. Studies show that it is a very effective process but can show more good results when combined withother treatment methods. It’s important to handle the device properly to avoid any mis-happenings hence this treatment must be performed by an experienced and well-trained person.

• Platelet-rich plasma (PRP): It is a safe and effective method. In this method a small amount of blood is drawn from the patient’sbody, then it is placed into a machine which separates it into two parts, the plasma part of the blood is then used for the treatment. Itis injected into the scalp of the patient, where the growth is desired.

• Hair transplant: Its is an effective and permanent solution. Healthy hair is planted into the areas of baldness. The scalp is then bandaged and at-home instructions are given after which you are allowed to go home.