Is Hair Transplant The Most Trending Things Now

12 February 2021

Hair transplant is a most miraculous process in which a dermatological surgeon removes the hair from the back-side or any part of the body and replaces it where the baldness is or the crown area. Precaution is also taken in this procedure typically occurs only when the local anesthesia is present. Hair loss can be of many reasons like stress, illness, hormonal imbalance, etc. Usually pattern baldness is the main reason for hair loss. While sometimes the procedure can be miraculous or sometimes it becomes most horrible but it only happens when you do not follow the precautions and the advice which are given by your doctor. There are mainly two types of transplant usually occur, Slit graft and Micro grafts. Depending upon conditions, how much the baldness is or quantity to be covered.

Let us discuss that hair transplant is the most trending thing or not. Before coming to conclusion you must know in what condition hair transplant can be good for you and also in what terms hair transplant isn't good for you. Male are having male pattern baldness, women with thinning hair or any person who loses hair from burns or in any accident. If having these terms then a patient can be considered as a good candidate and liable for the surgery.

Transplanting isn't good for the woman who is having the widespread hair loss throughout the scalp, people who do not have enough donating hair sites from which hairs can be taken for transplant, people who form Keloid scars or thick, fibrous scars after the accident or surgery.Hair loss due to some type of medication such as chemotherapy. Let me tell you that including these conditions patients are not good for the hair transplant. As you know when there is change in our body it is hard to sustain and it takes time to make under daily habit after the transplantation your scalp may be lesion then you might be needing medication for the transplant surgery to reduce the risk of infection. It is also common that transplanted hair can be turned out automatically after the 2-4 weeks of process. Sometimes it can take 8-12 months for new growth of hair in the transplanted section. So you should be calmed and be positive as it may take time. Now, I think you must be clear about the hair transplant and also you can decide if it is really the most trending thing or not.