How Much Laser Treatments Are Cost And Time Effective With Results Oriented Phenomenon

19 April 2021

Hair removal which is being also pronounced as epilation which is a complete and generous removal of human body hairs. There are various reasons and methods for hair removal including bleaching, plucking, shaving, waxing or threading and many more. But as of now these old methods are no longer efficient and result oriented also not to be considered as ideal tools this is so because of the short term efficacy which people are not liking yet. Therefore due to technology advancements now we have an effective long term efficient treatment, LASER treatments are in huge demand and these light based systems are completely one of the fastest growing areas of such in the field of cosmetic dermatology. According to the recent survey there are wide varieties of LASER and light devices are easily available on the specific market for the particular hair removal.

Basically the exact purpose of initialization of these devices is the damage of stem cells in the bulge and also the dermal papilla of the hair follicle simply by targeting melanin which ultimately introduces the specific chromophore. And there the melanin simply absorbs the wavelengths between 600-1100nm, also the recommended optical window for the hair removal with the destroying of the follicular unit. Hence for the safe and effective treatment procedure it is always recommended to a patient just to avoid all the epilation techniques for at least two to four weeks just before the effective LASER treatment initialization or else it will directly provoke the elimination of the basic structural target of the photo-epilation and shaving the hair simply by the physician immediately just in the starting of the treatment two or three days by the patient is complete adequate. And after the specific LASER treatment as a result a permanent dropout of hair follicles reaches 15-30% of the particular LASER treated area at every session. Erythema also frequently occurs and the establishment of a topical steroid for maximum two to three days is particular enough just to eliminate the temporary side effects. Also the patient must always remember for ultimately avoiding the direct sun exposure and also to apply the sunscreen for multiple days following the respective sessions.