Get youthful desirable skin you always wanted with help of Dr Gupta

The skin is the biggest organ of the human body, but many times we neglect about our skincare as on our busy schedule and daily lives. We subject our skin to with harsh sun light rays and harsh chemical available in skin care products. Before long, you will see that your skin is feeling tired and indications of aging skin will get obvious, so much earlier than they should begin appearing. You will notice wrinkles, fine lines, dark spot and blemishes.

Dr Gupta Skin and Hair Hospital is one of the best skin clinic in Lucknow, and are always ready to assist you on your journey to get youthful desirable skin you always wanted. Our main motive is to patch the gap between beauty and medication. We offer medicinally demonstrated, safe, effective and affordable treatment as compare to other clinic in the city.

We offer wide range of skin related treatment in our clinic that are:

Laser Hair Removal: The laser is the most effortlessand quickest to get rid of unwanted hairs from your body, which has demolished over 100 hours of your life, shaving, waxing and tweezing.You are only one stage away from getting the smooth and hair-free skin you always wanted too. With the more current technology, these laser procedure have just progressed,which ismoderately pain-free as compare to other hair-removal process that may consist regular maintenance and time.

Acne Treatment: Acne one of the most common problem that the person is dealing with. Our dermatologist before the treatment analysis your skin very properly to determine the exact condition so that to provide the best treatment that suits you. Only after the examination the treatment is been performed by our skin specialist.

Anti-Aging Treatment: Aging is a natural process and we all need to experience the aging process in our life and can see the aging sign on our face. Our highly skilled dermatologist is equipped with ultra-latest technology with all facilities. Our doctors provide you the best treatment according to your skin problem and help you to give your younger glow back on your face.

Vitiligo Treatment: There are various strategies for treatment that typicallydepend on the part of body involved, signs, causes, etc. Patches of white marks on your skin may visible, and rate of growth of this mark is very effective. After a complete analysis of you skin, our highly skilled skin specialist follow a systematic approach to cure vitiligo at same time.

Laser Tattoo Removal: The laser tattoo removal technique is also dependent on a few different factors, for example, the genuine size of the tattoo, where the tattoo is put on the body and how long time it was been made. While your age probably won't have a lot of an effect, your skin shade is will assuredly impact the procedure, since lighter skin responds distinctively to laser than darker skin. What kind of laser light is to be utilized on your skin, will be decided by the professional who perform the procedure, based on your skin texture and shades and tattoo colour used on your skin.