Dr. Sumit gupta - the best dermatologist in lucknow

15 May 2021

According to medical experts, a dermatologist is a medical doctor who effectively treats a patient suffering from skin, hair and nails problems or disease. They also have expertise in addressing conditions which are terminally related to mucous membranes, those in lining inside the mouth, nose and eyelids. Professional and experienced dermatologists can comprehensively diagnose and treat several thousand conditions starting from Acne and dandruff to psoriasis and cellulitis. Nowadays many people strictly want to consult an experienced dermatologist for a cosmetic procedure or particular treatments including skin texture improvement and tone or specifically to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and other ageing signs. Best dermatologist in Lucknow city can effectively treat a variety of skin diseases and various reactions.

Professional they ultimately diagnose and treat skin, nail or hair conditions, terminally it includes Acne, Eczema, Hair loss, Psoriasis, Rosacea, Skin cancer, Dry Skin, Rashes, Hives, Dandruff, Boils, Cellulitis, warts, Keratosis pilaris, Poison ivy, oak or sumac, Ringworm, Scars, Nail Infections, Oral diseases, scabies, Xerodermapigmentosum and many more.

Dr. Sumit Gupta is an expert in dermato-surgery and aesthetic surgery. Dr. Gupta is a highly qualified and experienced dermatologist practicing in Lucknow city. He is one of the foremost experts in dermatological surgery and Laser Surgery. Accordingly, Dr. Gupta is one of the few surgeons capable of strategically planning a patient’s Laser Surgery and repair simultaneously. He is also amongst the most published professionals on the particular subject and also has contributed to some of the most meaningful clinical trials in skin cancer and cosmetic surgery over the last decade. Beyond his medical credentials and effective years of experience, Dr. Sumit Gupta is effectively well known for his compassion and personal connection with his patients, crafting an individualized treatment plan for each patient. He treats patients in Dr. Gupta skin and hair hospital in Lucknow city caring for the people from around the world that seek personalized treatment and access to their surgeon. Dr. Sumit Gupta frequently sought out for his insight and expertise on emerging dermatologic therapies and has participated and given lectures at many dermatology and medical conferences discussing a wide range of dermatology topics which effectively includes cosmetic skin care, facial fillers, Botox, Acne, Skin rejuvenation.