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About The Best Skin Care Hospital in Lucknow

The Hospital had its inception as a chamber on the Latouche Road, and was later on shifted to Cantonment Road. Now it is a spacious hospital, having a number of rooms, chambers, operation theatre, procedure rooms, PUVA rooms, pathology and other diagnostics occupying two floors having huge carpet area and equipped with the most modern and world acclainmed Lasers including Diode Laser, Carbon Dioxide Fractional Laser-( Luminous Light Sheet Desire) and Q- switch Laser, Radio frequency, Puva (Narrow band) chamber, and one of the best dermatology operation theatres in the country. The Hospital has two wings-Dermatology wing and Cosmetology wing. The Hospital is celebrating 75th anniversary this year having started in 1940. The Hospital offers a variety of medical and surgical treatments for all kind of skin, hair and nail problems.

This Hospital is renowned for high standard of treatment. The dermatologists working in this hospital are continually updating and upgrading new treatment options to offer the best possible management of all the cases having skin, hair or nail problems. The scientific and ethical approach of the doctors, their kind and sympathetic behavior and wise counseling have impressed all the patients who have visited the Hospital.

In a constant endeavor to remain the best hospital in dermatological laser treatment the hospital has added a number of state-of-the-art Lasers including Q-switch 1064/532 laser which can be used for multiple indications like skin lighting, treatment of frekles and pigmentation, laser peels, tattoo removal of all coloured tattoos and birth marks etc. Laser hair reduction with Diode Laser is quite pain- free and whole body hair reduction can be achieved comfortably in one sitting, of 3-4 hours. Fractional carbon dioxide laser available at the hospital is quite useful in removing/reducing acne scars, stretch marks and post burn scars.

Antiageing procedures available here have earned name and fame for the Hospital. Those who wanted to look 5- 10 years younger than their age were greatly benefitted by Botox treatment, which apart from reducing wrinkles gave a beautiful glow to their skin. Another procedure called derma filler has also been giving excellent results. Micro fillers for fine lines and deep dermal fillers for nasolabial fold, marionette lines, crow feet, cheek augmentation and lip augmentation gave them immediate youthful look.

Thousands of cases of leucoderma were completely cured by the dermatologists of the Hospital over the decades and a few of them who did not fully respond to the medical treatment were treated surgically either by full skin grafting or suction - blister grafts.
The Hospital is pioneer in using biologic therapy to treat cases of psorialsis. Mesotherapy is done routinely at this Hospital which gives excellent result in the treatment of the hair loss. In most of the cases proper treatment restores the hairloss but if there is complete loss of hair roots then only hair transplantation is the answer which full restoration of the lost hair using patients own hair for transplantation which gives grows and behaves in a natural way. It is an unique hospital which offers a choice of Allopathic and Homeopathic treatment for skin, hair and nail diseases at very affordable cost.


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